This Year’s AA Speakers

Friday – Beth H. – Florida

Bio: Happily retired in Destin, FL, Beth began her sobriety journey on June 26, 1988 when she found herself in detox. Again. At 29 1/2 years old, she realized she had no plans for her 30s since she hadn’t expected to live that long! 33 years later, she and (fellow AA) Chuck have been happily married for 29 years, keeping the promise they made to each other at the beginning… God first, AA second, then each other.


Saturday – Chris R – Texas

Bio: Chris R. is a Recovered Alcoholic of 34 years, doing clerical work for a treatment center for the last 28 years. He lives in Ingram Texas with his wife, Patty, who is also in the Program. He is an active member of Ingram Solutions AA Group and serves on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit called The Outpost Recovery Club, a place where all 12-Step Groups can meet for a reasonable rent.

Sunday – Adam T. – California

Bio: Not sure if I can take credit for any it. God did the work, I just showed up. I try to live in the center of the triangle and have the heart of a servant. Nothing really special about me, just lucky to be part of this amazing journey!

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34rd Midwinter Roundup